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Welcome to BrainStrom.ICU, a personal blog project for myself about finding self-awareness and then once obtained; learn how to use it. This project spawns out of my love and passion for self help items, but never fully applying them to my life.

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Gonna be starting up a new project soon πŸ™‚

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Who am I?

My name is Kyle Forsberg, I’m currently 26 and I’m having a really hard time making my dreams come to life. I have had quite a bit of negative programming and habitual thought patterns that are not good for where I wish to go.

I always live in a world of excuses, even though I do my best to avoid the common excuses most tend to use around me. I always think I had things figured out and the more I come to find out, I known barely anything anymore.

Lost in my head all the time, I wonder how do I get out of this hell hole I created both in reality but also in perception of the mental self. The answer I have found is self-awareness.

The foundation…

I listen to a lot of great thought leaders and self-help experts. I have dove into the wonderful and crazy world of psychedelics. Looked into many natural as well as chemical based resources to help myself. I have all the tools.

… But for some reason…

I still can’t seem to push myself hard enough or find the right anchors of emotion to drive me. All knowledge, no action.

For some reason, I keep letting my guards down for laziness to creep in. I have had so many projects I have started but never finished. All I do is sharpen my sword, but yet my blade has yet to have a real fight on the battlefield.

My call to action!

I lock up a lot of this information up in my head, continue on my grind on working endlessly on my projects. Jumping from project to project, never really focusing on my real life needs.

And…. now this is where I go… fuck…

I need to buckle down and really apply myself. No more barely getting by and using complex elaborate excuses on how I’m being productive but in reality that’s only partly true, but it is absolution not productive for the priorities I set for things.

Now as my fiances really need to change and me really wishing for my freedom, I bring to you this project.

What is BrainStorm.ICU?

BrainStorm.ICU is an intellectual care unit on the crazy storm brewing in the electrical circuitry of the brain. It’s resources to many professionals I admire and look up to as I grow on my journey. As well as insight to how I apply self-awareness to make better informed choices or pinpoint certain areas that need to be addressed. how to tap into various elements at various times.

My goal is to break down how to start finding your issues by using myself as an example. And then I will “brainstorm” if you will, on how I can come up with different solutions or ways I can handle my issues.

I often come across with people who are, in many ways, stuck just as I am. It sucks because you can’t really help them. I’ve learned that you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves.

It’s very saddening. And one of the other sad aspects is you can’t tell them how to change, you have to sneak in seeds for them to find but some people DO NOT want that and I have learned from personal experience.

So this blog is for those who do want to work on themselves for real. For those who want to share their journey with others to inspire others. For those to learn some really neat shit man!

I welcome and thank you for enjoying my journey with you

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Stay trippy, stay loved, stay informed. πŸ™‚

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~ Much Love,
[ Kyle Forsberg – 3/31/19]

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