Just wana avoid gas fees pls…

Free is free right? I want a “Free” NFT. but that can’t happen in transactions where the customer engages with the 3rd party. The only way for “FREE” is to be gifted. But then taxes so is it really free?

Tonight we are also looking around for free NFTs and find this neat little alien


So…. here’s me, XRP Privileged…

Out here dodging everything that wants to tax me…

Soo I heard XRPL can handle NFTs?

Everyone in the XRP community has been talking about how the XRPL can be used for NFTs but where can I find this information? Well one of the main people to look at is a brand new intern for Ripple, Hubert (@HubertG97).

He recently had a video with Crypto Eri where they talk more on the nature of NFTs and the XRPL.

Another Source I found was this GitHub Link


On the actual hard technical level, I understand probably 20-40% of it. I’ve never worked a lot with smart contract design for any platform and I haven’t quite been looking as deep as I should to learn what I would have to do to take the knowledge presented online and attempt to build my own NFT on the XRPL

One interesting drawback they mentioned was the cost for 1 NFT, which is a 5 XRP reserve per NFT. Tho at the time of writing this, that would be roughly $2.50 USD vs $30+ (Without adding network fees)

I wana give myself like a month or two as my deadline to at least have learned the basics to code on top and with the XRPL myself as I want to build more complex data driven ideas but spread it out rapid. And the barrier to that is on that gas fee to have a user engage with that contract.

I’m kinda getting an idea an handling with ERC20, I need to get a little more knowledge of ERC721 and ERC1155-based assets. Although a lot of this hassle on fees could be entirely mitigated with Flare Network and their use of wrapping via the use of the Ethereum VM utilizing the XRPL as the core technology platform.

I have a lot to learn still but this is going to be a fun journey ahead.

In the meantime… please pay tribute to the EGOD $DOGE

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