KYLE’S JOURNEY LOG # 4 – Just got fired for being late too many times… Sigh…

Welp, on Friday I got canned from my grocery store job. I was working in the produce department there where I would make sure the department looked great for the customers, products were being rotated to ensure product doesn’t go to waste as well to eliminate product before a customer gets to it.

I spent my time there because I felt it was a safe, comfortable, and easy job. I was able to have a fairly brain-dead job and then when I got home focus on studying various topics that interested me or work on my own projects.

Lately, I had a pattern where I would show up to work about 10-20 minutes late. While despite being late, I tended to stay a bit longer to make that time up or stay longer to just make sure things looked good. My thought process was quality over anything else.

But my naive ass doesn’t quite understand the world of retail… SOOOO my logic while when I would bring it up with my superiors, they would agree but then also point out logic that I was not thinking about. Overall, the world of retail was interesting, but not for me.

So now I am on a new quest to figure out where I want to go and how I want to go about it. Currently, I’m looking to other avenues of figuring out how to get back into a front end web developer gig again or maybe even perhaps a call-center type job so I can work on practicing my skills of sales calls and just handling people and objections a lot better.

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