Kyle’s Journey Log # 2 – Learning from the Cold

When I was younger, I used to take cold showers. I remember taking them up until around ~16/17. I never had a real reason to do so, other than when my body temp was too high, I would use the cold water to cool me down. (Back then I lived in Florida, so I was prone to getting overheated a lot.)

The other night I passed out around 4 am and planned to wake up around 10ish but instead got up near 11:30am. As I awoke, I was feeling groggy and knew the only way to really wake up for my day is for me to get out of bed and do my morning walk.

It was cold outside yesterday, roughly around ~30 degrees outside. I left my bed in shorts and a shirt; grabbed my smokes and vape; and then my phone and headphones. I put on hiphop from my soundcloud, toked up and proceeded to walk outside.

An Old Teacher Appears – A New Mentor Shows up!

Recently, I found a guy named: Wim Hof. He has been known to withstand extreme cold and was able to fight use his “will” and a “breathing technique” to force his immune system to fight off bacteria. His breathing technique is deep diaphragmatic breathing, filling the body with as much oxygen. Doing this at least 25 times in a row will produce a state of lightheadness, an ability to withstand the cold, the ability to extend your time you can hold your breath to upwards of 3+ minutes.

Using this approach, I wanted to see if I could integrate this into my life for various things such as:

  • Higher oxygen rates in the body for morning walks
    • For increased wakefulness and enjoyment on walks as well as to help decrease loss of breath if increasing the intensity/speed.
  • Cold showers
    • For increased wakefulness and brain re-wiring of helping tackle issues such as: instant gratification, sticking though the pain, picking pain over pleasure, re-framing pain from a negative enforcer to a positive, increasing willpower, higher testosterone levels
  • Meditation
    • Using this breathing method, I can use it to aid in the process of using my initial attention on my breath as I normally do, but upon on stages to hold my breath, deep mind dives and potential outer body experiences. (On the last, I personally haven’t had the fully “astral” type shit, only state of awareness style obe but some say it’s possible to go like full on outer body.)
Start of podcast, you’ll see Joe go through the process and explain it.


So upon going out for my walk, I proceeded to take roughly 30 deep breaths until I can start feeling my face tingling and I know I had enough oxygen in my system. Started jamming and walking but didn’t get as far as I thought I would with one breath.

But it didn’t matter too much, the sunlight hitting my eyes, the slight lightheadness from the breathing, my thc high kicking in, my endorphins kicking in. I’m becoming awake and alert.

At first the cold was easy, but mid way into my walk I could start to feel it. Listening to a lot of the interviews with Wim Hof, I saw he said a lot of times to stay with the cold. Don’t try to run from it. I tried that but it didn’t help a ton just a bit. So I thought, okay, I need a total shock.

In this video, got the whole idea of being with the cold in here due to Russell Brand spending a day in the cold water with Wim and it was one of Russell’s questions to Wim.

The Cold Shower Experiments

Past few mornings, I have been testing this breathing with integration of cold showers. So far had 3 attempts and each attempt was okay.

On attempt one, I did the breathing and went into direct cold water. Typically, I last about 10 seconds if going from being dry and then into direct cold water. And if I go from warm water to cold water, I can last about 30 seconds before I can’t take it anymore. So during attempt one, I lasted about 50 seconds under cold water before I switched it to warm.

One my second attempt, I did my normal bathing first in warm water. With the warm water hitting me, put my hands on the wall to hold me up in-case I get too light headed and I fall. I do the breathing and as I start to feel that I’m ready to hold my breath, I switch the water to cold. For some odd reason, I only lasted about 40 seconds. Displeased with the results, the next day I repeated day one. I lasted about 55 seconds


Yesterday, attempt four, before during the other days I kept going: “I’m cold. This is cold. I want warm. Think about something else instead of cold. Run away from cold. Cold is bad.” So instead, with Wim Hof’s statement of staying with the cold, that was my plan. AND BY GOLLY!! I DID IT!

The ENTIRE shower was cold water

Today, I plan to repeat the same result.

I just got back from my shower today. And ohh my gosh, all I can say was round 2 of a cold shower was successful. Though I did learn a few things from this shower:

  • I was able to semi control the temperature of the water with my mind. It felt warmer when being present with it and colder when not.
  • I started to shiver, but brought myself back to the breath to stop.
  • I wanted colder water at the end, I didn’t realize I didn’t have it near “off” where it’s the coldest of the water (so I’ll do that next time). However, when I wanted that colder water and I got it, it was the most amazing feeling ever. (Side note, I did pass out for a second, the light headedness with the cold water hitting my head directly then removing the cold and allowing warm blood to flow back to my head caused me to fall down. Safety first haha!)

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