Kyle’s Journey Log # 1 – My first entry :O

First Steps made!

Today is March 31st, 2019. Tonight I am putting more work to the website. It’s not much, but I had started this idea with a friend about a week ago or so?

Any who, upon coming up with the idea the only thing I really did was purchase the domain name. I had made a few videos on my phone, but they never got edited and then uploaded. I had also did a new vps install of Ubuntu and got the basic stuff setup.

So tonight was my first real playing on the website rather than just doing setup work. I just finished making a the site’s very first blog post, been tinkering around with the theme and plugins, and working out a basic framework for the site.

S(t)i(o)c(n)k(ed) & Tired…

I’m pretty high, tired and currently, I’m in a dire need of a cig. T^T

Just got back from doing a few laps around my block. Prior to leaving for my walk, an old classmate messaged me on instagram because I posted the temp logo I quickly hacked up in photoshop for this project.

He mentioned to me to check out “Monroe Institute and Hemi Sync”. I quickly googled Hemi Sync because the first sounded like a school and I’m like not right now haha.

Audio Brain Hacks!

Well what was funny is that Hemi Sync deals with Binaural beats. Something that I was currently listening to as I was working on this site. For those who don’t know what Binaural beats are, it’s audio designed to help manipulate your brainwaves.

I’ll be making a whole section and post about this later, but for now the basic idea idea is that you have one frequency playing in one ear and another different frequency in the other. The contrast in Hz determines what brainwave type it works with. It’s pretty neat.

Anyways, I am getting tired, so I might be calling it quits soon. Thinking about doing a nightly mediation on the following Binaural beats I found on youtube so you can see what it’s like. (Please note it does require headphones, for speakers look up mononaural beats).

Brief Summary for Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I plan on getting up around ~10am. Typically I go to bed around 4 to 7 am and wake up between 11am and 2pm. I’m trying to break that habit along with the habit of smoking. One step at a time. But currently as I am typing this, it is: 1:20am.

When I wake up, I plan on doing a wake and bake, do my morning walk, take a shower, have a voice call with a guy I’m working on doing Business to Business sales with and we are building a proposal plan for a potential client I brought in. Afterwards, I have to go to my day job which is working in the produce department at a grocery store.

I hate the fact that I’m not working in an area where I need to be working in, but due to me being comfortable and avoiding change, I am a victim of my own creation.

Once done with my job, I’ll drive home. Have my night walk and then proceed to work til 1-3am before passing out and repeating a similar day.

Diving into Sales To Help Break Me

With that being said, that’s another reason for this project and just to kinda help me figure things out a bit clearer. But I’m an introvert, I’ve been some what shy most of my life, I find it really hard to connect with people sometimes. And I have a hard time speaking just normally, and being sober, with people.

So by doing sales, I’m challenging myself to change new habit patterns and belief systems. And that’s gonna be fun! xD

Potential Motivation

While life has been tough, lately with the new people I’ve meet in the past few months, things are slowly changing for the better which is giving me motivation to actually start doing more things I can be proud of. Then use these as my tools of motivation when I feel like I want to give up, I can be like:

“Yo, you can’t give up dude… you you have done this and this and this. Sure some of it took you longer, but that’s okay. We’ve always focused on what we wanted to do man. So really, it’s always been fun, don’t give it up.”

I don’t know if maybe it’s about giving up, but it would work for some sort of encouragement for sure. Anyways, that’s my first entry on this site.

I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful night <3
~ Kyle Forsberg [3/31/19]

Procrastination to go to sleep strikes again! I haven’t really left this site, been playing around with different plugins to get my custom post types to display correctly. It’s now 3:20am CST. For my sister in Florida, toke one for me. Haha

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