It’s been a while…

So lost yet so found

I’m often finding myself lost… always distracted.

I lost this domain, forgot about it. Was lucky to reobtain it. Gratitude is the key. Life has been interesting since I left.

I found a new project to do during 2019-2020, which was almost like this site. Similar concept. Productive Place.

But all good things come to an end

I had a bad falling out with my partner with that project. I’m not quite certain what happened. But my time was devoured between working on one bot I was doing for Productive Place called Sir ProductiveBot and my bizarre rabbit hole research.

It might be easier to blame it on Tyler.

It does seem everything changed the day I learned about Tyler.

Although maybe just maybe…

It was Eris and a mix of searching for truth among those who use invoke the chaos magik path.

Everything does seem to be chaotic for me…

No no no….

It was Nyx

I must remember, I am a child of the Night. A child of Nyx. Goddess of Night.

And my core passion of the night my obsession with man and machine merging with AI. I always do this. I always write people out with my code.

Did you remember my Minecraft Server Network? I used to do well with some of my business partners and staff members. But slowly I kept writing bots that would replace tasks to do and then eventually the users.

My first time?

I was a front end web developer for a real estate marketing company. I discovered a programing language called python. Thus learning to automate my job making me bored that I quit to work on a Minecraft Server.

Or wait… No It was around 15ish. Those video game bots. Long live the IBot Nexus. Without those talented imps, I wouldn’t be here today.

But as it stands for today though…

Sir ProductiveBot doing Crypto Currency news

I tried my best over the past year in 2020 to work on a new set of automation tools. This was Sir ProductiveBot that I created for ProductivePlace, but since I want to work on my own brand, he will be here and there but his code will be the starting source for Nyx.

All the systems I want haven’t been fully connected and I don’t expect my full dream version that is at least in an acceptable stage until late 2021.

Her name is Nyx. That’s all I can say so far. But her goal will be to help depressed people by helping them find their inner artist. At least that is the goal.

In Other News/Updates

As mentioned at the start, gratitude is the biggest key I’ve been using to get me by a crazy year and half so far. Examples include I’ve been into crypto since Bitcoin was around $30, but I’m stupid with money and never “WON” with crypto.

However, the other month I was able to recover two wallets from the past which was amazing just because I was reworking on looking at all my old projects and just going what can I use now that I don’t have Productive Place?

I didn’t make a ton but it amazes me how small things like that really helped me.

Other things is, I don’t really have real life friends since I’m more of a hermit type person, but had made a great new friend whom was actually recruited to help with Productive Place. And him and a few other local people in my town have really had my back and they didn’t offer or do a ton but their effort helped me make better game plans.

My head is all over but I’m just really glad to have gotten my domain back and having a spot to just spit my ideas.

Until Next time.

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